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Deadly Prey News 1️⃣ Our next limited edition archival print release is the great Ghanaian artist C.A. Wisely’s incredible version of The Life Aquatic! Happening this Saturday, March 2 at Noon CST, so keep an eye out. Undoubtedly one of our best ever! 2️⃣ We really pride ourselves on efficiency, so it pains us to say we’re a bit behind on packing orders atm 😩 Our customers are the best, and while no one has complained, we just felt it necessary to explain! So if you’ve ordered anything over the past week and haven’t received a tracking confirmation yet, expect it this coming Monday & Tuesday. Big apologies for the delay, there’s only two of us and one has been out of town all week. 3️⃣ We just got in a big shipment of original paintings from Ghana, so expect to see those soon!!!! 4️⃣ Touring season is almost upon us and we’ll be announcing several traveling exhibitions shortly! Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego and Lyon, France just to name a few! More on this in the coming weeks ♥️